Three countries. Three music traditions. One dream.
Cross-cultural exchange project for the unification of the Appalachian and Slavic folk music and traditions. The project is aimed to provide facilitated collaboration of three folk bands from Belarus, Ukraine and Appalachian region of USA. Over a period of a year, participants will learn music and traditions of each other in order to create a collaborative performance.
Siarhei Douhushau & VURAJ
Siarhei Douhushau is a singer, musician, ethnographer, and a cultural projects manager. He actively and relentlessly promotes Belarusian ethnic songs, organizes ethnographic expeditions, and collects Belarusian folklore. In the last three years he produced three albums with the group Vuraj, an album of traditional songs of Miyor krai and organized a several folk festivals.
Brother Hill and the Hill Spirits
Appalachia, USA
Ohio-based folk band that blends the modern style of songwriter Brother Hill with the Appalachian, early American, and old-world folk themes of quartet "the Hill Spirits". After successfully performing in a number of folk festivals across the U.S., the collaboration is on the verge of its first release.
Marichka Chichkova & Torban
Ukrainian folk band that carefully experiments with archaic traditional music and pre-christian ritual songs. Formed in 2016, Torban Folk Band released album "Vesna" and successfully toured across Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.
How it works
Traditional Compositions Exchange
(September - November 2019)
Musicians send each other traditional tracks and perform them into their own traditional style.
Belarus and Ukraine Visit
(January 2020)
Brett Hill and Ben Stewart representatives of Brother Hill and the Hill Spirits visit Belarus and Ukraine to jam, rehearse, perform together with new colleagues
USA visit (May 2020)
Siarhei and Torban visit Athens, Ohio to jam, rehearse, perform together with new colleagues
Art-Residency and Performance (August 2020)
All three bands meet each other in Belarus on specific location and during art-residency program create a performance. After the Premiere they tour few Festivals.
Recent News
Outcomes from the January Exchange
Brett Hill and Benjamin Stewart visited Belarus and Ukraine in January 2020
The trip proved that real success may be possible. The musical portions of the trip were incredibly fun, fulfilling, and enriching. Through this global collaboration, the participants have fallen only more in love with their own musical traditions, and are working hard on becoming better representatives of their culture. The hearts of the musicians were set on fire by the wilderness of the Belavezha and the Bohemian artistic paradise of Lviv. American guests presented their music, a blend of traditional and original songs, with much success to Belarusians and Ukrainians alike.

They also learned many beautiful songs from their Slavic counterparts and have begun incorporating them into their musical set back in Ohio.
The participants created an outline for future trips and exchanges, began work-shopping their world-premiere at the festival in Belarus, and established rich friendships with one another.
Marichka and Siarhey are coming to the USA to meet Brett this Spring. They're going to travel to the Appalachian mountains, explore new territories and traditions, and face new challenges. This part of the Journey is dedicated to the Appalachian culture. Slavic musicians will experience different American culture, that is not well marketed in Hollywood film and popular international media.
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About the performance
Musical performance with interactive and simple theatrical elements based on Slavic and Appalachian traditions and myths. Talking through the music regardless of the language, musicians from Slavic and Appalachian "worlds" will share their own traditions and teach the audience and each other. Performance includes folk collaboration, mythology interpretations, traditional rituals, fantasy elements and interactive jam session.
SLAVALACHIA performance is available for booking for summer 2020.
Participants are available for a solo performances as well.
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Team and Partners
Nadzeya Ilkevich
Executive producer
Quintin Schomaker
Producer, Cinematographer
Bart Kuraga
Documentary Film Director
Wioletta Nikitik
Producer, Project Manager
Cultural Organization
CreateCulture Inc.
Civil Society Organization 17

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